Solutions and Application Areas

CEI pools equipment and capabilities with skilled senior engineers, the know-how and the technological processes to provide powerful, innovative and impactful solutions for designing and manufacturing of silicon, ceramic and polymer based micro and nano devices and systems. Our portfolio includes complete instrumentation development, software interfaces, electronics to support users that require a system level solution. We support design, analysis, prototyping (traditional and rapid (3D printing)), technology maturation and technology and process transfer to commercial and non-profit partners and collaborators including consulting services for equipment selection, process and infrastructure planning.

Currently supported application areas and business fields are:
  • Biomedical applications (Implantable devices and systems, instrumentation, sensors, electronics, software)
  • Process control for automation, energy and geoscience applications, food, beverage and pharma processing (sensors, electronics, software)
  • Energy and Geosciences (sensors, sample/material analysis, simulation, piot/field testing)
  • Automotive applications (sensors, materials)
  • Aerospace applications (sensors, materials)

Enabling technology highlights include:
  • Technological solutions for harsh environment MEMS/NEMS e.g. high temperature sensors for temperature, pressure, force, micro gas sensors and (implantable) biomedical devices for electrophysiological and metabolic marker monitoring and intervention.
  • Technological solutions for high density MEMS packaging and system integration e.g. wafer level packages and flip-chip bonding.
  • Application-specific solutions to develop, manufacture, or test microfluidic components or systems.
  • Technological solutions for devices covering Radio Frequency (RF), optical and electromagnetic functionality.