Working with CEI

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CEI offers highly specialized services for advanced technologies (in micro, nano, and system integration), and can work effectively at three levels: Engineering Services, Collaborations/Partnerships, and Engineered Solutions.

  1. Engineering Services are usually work-for-hire through simple purchase orders in response to negotiated quotes with standard terms and conditions.
  2. Collaborations and partnerships involve developing proposals to work on strategic shared interests, and/or entering into subcontract agreements.
  3. Engineered solutions involve our team developing a complete solution, and performing any necessary technology transfer coupled with our advanced nanotechnology and system integration capabilities.
Specialized Services for Advanced Technologies

The Center for Engineering Innovation is committed to quickly and efficiently delivering outstanding results for your R&D and commercialization needs through a standard process of quotations for work and invoicing for services.

  • Professional and highly experienced engineers with unique capabilities
  • Quick and responsive quotes
  • Work performed on aggressive timelines
  • CDAs, NDAs, and multi-party NDAs routinely and rapidly executed
  • All IP typically resides with the customer (you) for work-for-hire
  • Development of and submission of IACUC and IRB protocols
  • Coordination with the Comparative Medicine Center to conduct animal and GLP studies
  • Conducting electrophysiological cardiac and neural animal studies
  • Assist developing and coordinating partnerships with relevant centers and collaborators
  • Assistance with grant writing
  • Engineering and data analysis services
User, Collaborations and Partnerships

CEI taps into a dedicated group of senior engineers that are able to participate in proposal development and bringing a high value to collaborations with partners, allowing pursuit of larger and more demanding projects with aggressive milestone driven timelines. We have significant expertise in the areas of:

  • Biomedical and Implantable Systems
  • Electronics and Optical Packaging (Fraunhofer IZM Branch Lab)
  • Sensor Systems
  • Energy Exploration and Production
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Civil Engineering related to micro and nano materials and sensor technologies.
Engineered Solutions

The Center has deep expertise and the necessary facilities to deliver complete system level solutions, including electronics, instrumentation and software interfaces as necessary to customers in several core areas. Solutions often involve R&D, and the technology transfers necessary to integrate the solution into your workflow.

  • Neural Interfaces (including electronics)
  • Hydrogel-based biomarker (pH, glucose, ionic strength, etc) monitoring
  • Packaging solutions for electronics, optics, biomed, etc.
  • High-temperature and harsh environment gas sensor for combustion
Intellectual Property

Patents and IP mainly in the areas covered by our Engineered solutions are available to our customers upon request and can be licensed through the Technology and Venture Commercialization (TVC) at the University of Utah. Links to the TVC, a listing of available patents associated with CEI, and a more comprehensive list of IP from the University of Utah are available through the provided links. We will gladly support the process.

Teaching and Training

CEI’s teaching and training